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Foto of Valerie Sainte-Agathe with Girls Chorus

unfortunately due to continued cases of covid-19, performances have been cancelled

Collaboration Program- San Francisco Girls Chorus

Tomorrow's Memories: A Little Manila Diary

by Matthew Welch
conducted by Valérie Sainte-Agathe

In a new collaboration with San Francisco’s Girls Chorus and Artistic Director /Conductor Valérie Saint-Agathe, we host the world premiere of Tomorrow’s Memories: A Little Manila Diary.  This production is a commissioned choral-opera from American composer Matthew Welch. A collaborative project years in the making, this staged work is based on the 1924-1928 childhood diary writings of Filipina immigrant Angeles Monrayo, following her diasporic journey from the Philippines to Hawai’i to Stockon. This book has become seminal reading through the late, great scholar Dr. Dawn Buhalano Mabalon.
The project will feature over 40 singers and guest artists, stage director Sean San José, guitarist Florante Aguilar, violinist Patti Kilroy, percussionist Levy Lorenzo, and video design by Joan Osato.

New Residency Program- TigerBear Productions
Deal with the Dragon
Written and Performed by Kevin Rolston
directed by M. Graham Smith

A new version of the critically acclaimed grown-up fairy tale and a darkly camp comedy about the bargains we strike with ourselves and others in order to survive. Written and performed by Kevin Rolston and developed with and directed by M. Graham Smith. Deftly staged and artfully performed, the play unfolds as a cunning and sophisticated fable for adults who deal with demons and the made-up monsters that only some of us can vanquish.

Chosen as one of the top twenty theater shows to see at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe by The List.

Dates TBD

New Performances Program- Dance

Mix’d Ingrdnts- Emerging in a Space of Resilience

All-female | Multigenre | Multi-ethnic

Empowering women to express themselves

As part of our New Performances Program, we are presenting theatrical storytelling in other forms, including: Poetry, Music and Dance.  Mix’d Ingrdnts will amaze you.  Mix’d Ingrdnts is a multi-ethnic, multi-genre dance collective composed of female-identified artists, who work together with the intent to contribute to the impact of social change. They have been creating this dance based multi-performance style since 2010 and have rocked shows throughout the Bay and beyond from Stern Grove Music Festival to Yerba Buena to their home city’s Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival in Oakland. This is their new full length, full company production.

Foto of Star Finch by Joan Osato

Collaboration Program- Crowded Fire Theater

Shipping & Handling

by Star Finch
directed by Lisa Marie Rollins

In what should be called “the season of Star”- Playwright in Residence Star Finch’s new work!  From one of our sister groups, Crowded Fire, a world premiere from this great writer. Inspired by a charged post-show talkback of a play examining Black bodies in media, Shipping and Handling is a taut experience that unpacks the unpacking process. Unfolding backwards in time, we uncover a parallel between actors and Artificial Intelligence, both players embodying another’s words and responding to an audience’s needs. The Afro Future is Now. 

Side Effects graphic by Halline Overby

Collaboration Program- Campo Santo

Side Effects

by Star Finch
director of photography Joan Osato
directed by Sean San José

Continuing the Season of Star, Home Resident Company, Campo Santo presents, a new form- a “flay”- a film/play presentation.  Star Finch and Campo Santo were in rehearsals to premiere her latest work Side Effects as Shelter-In-Place orders shuttered all activity.  Throughout the pandemic, Campo Santo, like others, stepped into this burgeoning form and filmed the play on a sound stage, socially distanced, and have spent the last years completing production.  Be the first to see this new piece in a new form! 

Featuring:  Juan Amador, Regina Monique Lewis, Melissa Locsin, Cathleen Riddley, Emily Serdahl. 

Graphic by an otherwise co.

New Performances Program- Poetry

Black Fire: Tongo Eisen- Martin

We welcomed people back and opened up our new era with a live in concert recording of San Francisco Poet Laureate with percussionist Akheel Mestayer in October, 2021.  That sold out, one night event was recorded and this will be the record release of this limited vinyl album. Join us for another special event with our Poetry Program visionary Tongo, in a program visioned by New Performance Curator Juan Amador. 

Foto courtesy of Juan Amador

Wonway Music Renaissance

New Residency Curator, Juan Amador, will create an intimate musical experience. Gathering  a group of musicians working across genres- Jazz, Hip Hop, Vocals, DJing and more- and will create a special musical event experience.  Join us as we turn our theatre into a nightclub, jazz club, cross era disco.

Dates to be Determined

Around The Table- Development
Come inside the process, and be part of the first readings of new work in development Around the Table.
Be IN the process with us- as we share the feeling, energy, and readings of a first day with new works! Events will include all new works with Kareem Fahmy, Star Finch, West Edge Opera, and many more!

New Residency Program-
Black Artists Contemporary Cultural Experience

A new performance performed, created, and developed in sections-- with the audience dates TBA

Campo Santo New work, New mediums
A new film/play presentation premiere Britney Frazier, directed by Margo Hall, video by Joan Osato

New Commissions Program
Luis Alfaro- The Travellers
Ashley Smiley- Dirty White Teslas Make Me Sad
Richard Montoya- Jerry Garcia On The Lower Mission
Ellen Sebastian Chang/ Sunhui Chang- The Estate

SPECIAL NOTE: Dates for Taylor Mac’s postponed "Joy and Pandemic" directed by Loretta Greco, have yet to be confirmed - this will not be included in the 2022 Season Pass.

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Season Passes- Q&A

Q: Is this a subscription?

A: No- this is not a traditional subscription, but what you do get is tickets to two Magic produced (long-delayed) plays, The Kind Ones by Miranda Rose Hall and Monument, Or Four Sisters (A Sloth Play) by Sam Chanse. Additionally, you will receive preferred access to two other events at Magic of your choice! These events are produced by resident companies and collaborators as part of Magic’s new programming. Please note that capacity of each event may vary, so be sure to buy your pass early!

Q: Is this replacing a subscription?

A: Magic is no longer offering traditional subscription packages and transitioning to season passes.  The main difference between a season pass and a traditional subscription is that seats and requested days of performances are not automatic (for some events entry may be General Admission as opposed to reserved seating). However, if you have any seating or accessibility needs, please just contact our Box Office directly at 415-441-8822 or

Q: Will I receive physical tickets in the mail?

A: No-all tickets will be sent electronically. When you arrive at the door on the day of the show, we just need  proof of vaccination, photo ID, and  the name the tickets are under. If you need to transfer the name of the tickets, no problem, just contact the Box Office. You are welcome to print out your tickets at home, if you prefer, although that is not necessary.

We understand this is a big change and want to make sure the transition is smooth, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please just contact our Box Office directly at 415-441-8822 or


Image by Hunter Nelson

Magic World Premiere

The Kind Ones

by Miranda Rose Hall

directed by Lisa Peterson

Developed previously in Magic’s Virgin Play Series through leadership with Lorreta Greco and Sonia Fernandez, this is another in a list of plays to premiere through the development series.  Miranda Rose Hall just had a play presented at New Conservatory, so the Bay will be getting more of this special writer.  In The Kind Ones, Nellie Dougherty is tired of this shit. A lone Montana farmer’s hopes for anonymity are thwarted when a stranger with a flyer arrives on her doorstep. Miranda Rose Hall's caustically funny world premiere, THE KIND ONES, contemplates the role of community and the heart of good and evil when systems fail. Send in the pigs! Featuring: Anne Darragh and Kian Johnson.

Shelter (Campo Santo). Foto by Joan Osato.

New Residency Program- Campo Santo

A Live Radio Performance Presentation Premiere

by Bennett Fisher
directed by Omar Metwally

This is a one weekend only event from our new Home Resident Company, Campo Santo. Shelter is a new supernatural and scary audio production, but one that will premiere with a special in theatre experience. Bennett Fisher (Candlestick for Campo Santo and many more plays throughout the Bay and nationally) created this piece in response to elements of fear and anxiety brought out by Shelter-In-Place.

Featuring: Juan Amador, Catherine Castellanos, Brian M. Rivera, Lauren Spencer, with an original score by Saucy and sound design by Christopher Sauceda.

No Longer Available

New Residency Program- Campo Santo

Otto Frank

by Roger Guenveur Smith

Berkeley native Roger Guenveur Smith returns to the Magic Theatre with OTTO FRANK, a new solo performance inspired by the father of diarist Anne Frank, and scored live by Marc Anthony Thompson. Smith and Thompson presented their Obie and Peabody Award-winning A HUEY P. NEWTON STORY at the Magic and Oakland Ensemble Theatres, as well as CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 1992 at the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, RODNEY KING at Laney College, and, with Campo Santo, CASA DE SPIRITS, at Yerba Buena. Smith also performed his FREDERICK DOUGLASS NOW at the Hansberry and the University of California, and, with Mark Broyard, INSIDE THE CREOLE MAFIA at the Climate and Theatre Artaud. Smith’s OTTO FRANK is an intimate meditation on our current moment which interrogates our not-so-distant past. His Otto, the only member of his immediate family to survive the Nazi death camps, addresses his daughter beyond her time and his own, navigating loss, adolescent ambition, the denial of the diary’s authenticity, and of the Holocaust itself. Smith and Thompson have devised poetic and sonically driven work which illuminates the Franks’ tragedy and triumph in a new and necessary light. This show will be coming from the Under the Radar Festival at the Public Theatre in NYC. “Roger Guenveur Smith gets it all and gets it brilliantly”- New York Times

Magic World Premiere

Monument, or Four Sisters
(A Sloth Play)

by Sam Chanse
directed by Giovanna Sardelli

Amy studies coral reefs, Constance writes for children's television, Mac mysteriously left a job she loves, and Lina is MIA. Add one epic road trip, four talking sloths, and countless hilarious cartoon bombs and you’ve got Monument, or Four Sisters (A Sloth Play). This world premiere comedy with claws from Sam Chanse asks how to build resilience after unimaginable loss.

One of the most unique and exciting voices in theatre is Sam Chanse. A former longtime Bay Area resident who spent years in the API literary and performance world, Sam returns with this boundary breaking play that was also developed previously in Magic’s Virgin Play Series. This play will be the third of Sam’s world premieres all happening in early 2022. Sam is part of a world premiere at The Public and a new play for The Civilians both happening in New York City prior to Monument. Sisters, Daughters of API Immigrants, Family, Sloths, and all that and more as the title suggests.

Featuring: Rinabeth Apostol, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart and Sango Tajima.

New Residency Program- Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
Intimate Apparel

by Lynn Nottage

directed by Jan Hunter

The historical Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (LHT) presents their second production as part of the new Residency Program at Magic. This will be an intimate production of multi-Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lynn Notage’s play.  This period piece play follows an African American seamstress and her delicate relationships in 1905. Nottage’s well regarded play, to be directed by one of LHT’s long time collaborators, Jan Hunter, was recently turned into a chamber opera at Lincoln Center.