Virgin Play Festival 2016

Magic Lab

Have you ever wondered how a play gets from the page to the stage? The 2016 Virgin Play Festival was an exclusive insider's look at writing in the making! It showcased young playwrights working side-by-side with Magic's family of mid-career writers; besides the scheduled readings, there were also workshops of Clare Barron's Shhhh, Lauren Yee's The Great Leap, Han Ong's Grandeur, and Jessica Hagedorn's The Gangster of Love.

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Friday, Dec. 2 - 8pm
You Got Older by Clare Barron

Saturday, Dec. 3 - 8pm
How to Catch Creation by Christina Anderson

Sunday, Dec. 4 - 2:30pm
Eva Trilogy by Barbara Hammond

Tuesday, Dec. 6 - 7pm
No One is Forgotten by Winter Miller

Wednesday, Dec. 7 - 8pm
Go. Please. Go. by Emily Feldman

Thursday, Dec. 8 - 8pm
Reel to Reel by John Kolvenbach

Wednesday, Dec. 14 - 2:30pm
Untitled play by Dipika Guha (open to public)

Clare Barron

You Got Older // Friday, Dec. 2 - 8pm

When her dad gets sick at the same moment her life implodes, Mae moves back to her childhood home. Tender and darkly comic, You Got Older is a meditation on the fragility of ordinary happiness, a new play about family and fantasy—and how we learn to keep going.

Christina Anderson

How to Catch Creation // Saturday, Dec. 3 - 8pm

What would we forgive for those we love? What can we give up for them? Weaving through San Francisco over 40 years How to Catch Creation explores family, connection, and parenthood. A celebration of the power of regeneration this story asks the question—who has the right to start over?

Barbara Hammond

The Eva Trilogy // Sunday, Dec. 4 - 2:30pm

An Irish expat returns home from her rebellious life in Paris. A reunion with her mother forces her to make a choice that has irreparable consequences. We move through time and space, the mundane and the magical to celebrate a woman unbound by social constraint. Spanning thirty years The Eva Trilogy asks how do you stand up for what you know to be true when the world asks you to compromise?

Winter Miller

No One is Forgotten // Tuesday, Dec. 6 - 7pm

A woman. A man. Indefinite time. Their lives filled with un-answerable questions, two people create a whole world in the confines of captivity. No One is Forgotten celebrates the power of intimacy, imagination, and the radical resilience of the human spirit.

Emily Feldman

Go. Please. Go. // Wednesday, Dec. 7 - 8pm

A couple decides: This isn’t working. He says he’ll leave, and then he doesn’t. He stays and stays and stays. Through seventy years of marriages, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, and funerals, he stays. People get drunk. People get sober. People plan vacations. People die. Somebody wins the lottery. A baby grows up. Everybody dances. GO. PLEASE. GO. asks what it means to love somebody for a lifetime, and what a lifetime even means.

John Kolvenbach

Reel to Reel // Thursday, Dec. 8 - 8pm

What does it sound like when you fall in love? Moving through time and space, sound and word, Reel to Reel presents a collage of sounds, a spliced portrait of a life together. This is an aural history, a love story told over fifty-five years and three months.


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