(Extended February 3 - March 6, 2016)

by Jessica Hagedorn
directed by Loretta Greco

Magic Theatre transforms into Manila’s mythical Studio 54 – where you’ll find drag queens, beauty queens and movie stars alongside statesmen, activists and rebels. Welcome to the Philippines 1982 and Jessica Hagedorn’s no-holds-barred, Dogeaters. Explore the inner workings of power, culture clash, sex and celebrity as a country unravels at the end of the Marcos regime.

 Dogeaters isn’t just a play to watch, 

it’s an experience to remember.


“It’s always a treat when sitting in the theater feels like travel, when the world onstage reaches out to include you, and suddenly you’re transported to another time and place. It’s even better when your destination is exotic, strange and specific: say, Manila, 1982.” –Bruce Weber, NY TIMES
“Putting history onstage is a huge undertaking, especially if it’s history that hasn’t yet been documented for generations of schoolchildren. Jessica Hagedorn painted a pastiche of colorful and violent history in her novel, then adapted it as a play, or, more concisely, a pageant.” –Madeleine Shaner, backstage
“Dogeaters, is infused with a Filipino pop culture aesthetic that draws from American movies, local radio soap operas, and a celebrity-driven political system. Hagedorn’s own stage adaptation successfully transforms this mix into a vibrant theatrical landscape.” –Dan Bacalzo, Theatre Journal
“The scenes of elite excess recall some of the better moments in “Evita,” and the seamy club world holds its own fascination.” –David Mermelstein, Variety

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